Individual Prices

Here are our individual book and resource prices. Click this Simply Reading Order Form link to order online.

Book Prices


Teaching Guide   $29.00   
• Reading & Spelling Made Simple: Teaching Guide

Book One: Steps 1-4   $29.00
• Reading & Spelling Made Simple: Book One

Book Two: Steps 5-8   $29.00
• Reading & Spelling Made Simple: Book Two

Book Three: Steps 9-12   $29.00
• Reading & Spelling Made Simple: Book Three


Preschool Literacy Book   $29.00
• Preschool Literacy Made Simple

Resource Prices

Lettercase   $95.00 = LIMITED STOCK
Portable letter case with removable card single letters and blends to make words and play games. Includes instructions. Use with the Reading & Spelling Made Simple books or as an individual resource.

Sight Word Cards   $45.00 
300 individual, double-sided cards with each word by itself on the front. On the reverse each word is either used in a sentence, its meaning is explained, or is grouped with similar words. The three levels (0-100, 101-200 and 201-300) are in sets of their own colour for easy sorting. The cards have bright, full-colour illustrations and come with printed instructions.

Printable Resources Set #1   $20.00
Print your own resources from PDF’s. Files in full-colour and greyscale, and include a full set of assessment and testing sheets, teaching resources, and individual fun activities for your learner.

Index of Sounds   $8.00
A reference guide for the pronunciation, rules and examples used in the set of books, Reading and Spelling Made Simple. Includes both the book and page numbers as a quick reference. Laminated for durability, printed in full-colour with illustrations, and slips easily inside the books.

Currently Unavailable

Buddy Book = SOLD OUT (being revised)
The Buddy Book is currently being revised.

Letter Dice   $40.00 = SOLD OUT
This large set of letter dice and instructions are perfect for playing word games and teaching the different parts that make up a word. Make funny and ridiculous words with a roll of the dice, or re-roll one or two dice to change a word. Great for hands-on kinesthetic learners.