Preschool Literacy

Preschool Literacy Made Simple

Preschool Literacy Made SimpleGive your preschoolers the best start to their education with basic principles, activities, and advice on introducing and practising their literacy skills.

A guide for parents, caregivers, and early learning educators, with advice through child development stages, early communication skills, creating a positive learning environment, introducing literacy through fun activities, and taking them from pre-reading to reading, plus writing for beginners.

Includes full-colour illustrations throughout, fun activities and a word glossary. From this book you will learn:

  • The mental and physical development stages of your preschool child, and how to encourage their experiences and growth.
  • How to introduce the beginning stages of communication and literacy.
  • How to create stimulating learning environments, including choosing different types of toys and appropriate books to read to them.
  • How to know when your child is ready to begin learning how to read.
  • How to introduce and develop their early reading and writing abilities.
  • Activities and games to encourage all areas of development and learning.


Written by Barbara Griffith.

Illustrated by Darlene Mathieson.