We offer a range of books to help you work with your learner. We cater for all levels, from baby and toddler child development, introducing your learner to books, starting their reading, writing and spelling, right through to advanced language and spelling.

These books are particularly good if your learning is struggling and needs some one-on-one attention, or they can be used as an extension programme. With colourful illustrations and lots of activities, these books will be a valuable resource for years to come.

Reading & Spelling Made SimpleOriginal Red Manual

The original red manual is no longer available in its original form. It has now been fully revised and split into four A5 full-colour books. They all include full-colour illustrations, fun activities to encourage learning, resources you can make yourself, spelling rules, index, glossary and extra teaching notes

Reading and Spelling Made Simple

Teaching Guide (Reading & Spelling Made Simple)

Learn the basic principles and how to teach every aspect of the Reading and Spelling Made Simple programme, with easy to follow instructions, diagrams, and explanations. LEARN MORE…

Book One: Steps 1-4 (Reading & Spelling Made Simple)

 A great resource for teaching writing and spelling right from the start! Plus a great resource for getting back to basics with learners who are struggling. LEARN MORE…

Book Two: Steps 5-8 (Reading & Spelling Made Simple)

This book covers more complex patterns of language, with easy step-by-step instructions and lots of activities for learners who struggle within the normal classroom environment. LEARN MORE…

Book Three: Steps 9-12 (Reading & Spelling Made Simple)

A valuable guide for helping teach advanced language, especially spelling patterns, and is also very effective as an extension programme. It also includes variations to activities for small groups. LEARN MORE…

Other Literacy Books

Preschool Literacy Made SimplePreschool Literacy Made Simple

Give your preschoolers the best start to their education with basic principles, activities, and advice on introducing and practising their literacy skills.

A guide for parents, caregivers, and early learning educators, with advice through child development stages, early communication skills, creating a positive learning environment, introducing literacy through fun activities, and taking them from pre-reading to reading, plus writing for beginners. Includes full-colour illustrations throughout, fun activities and a word glossary. LEARN MORE…