Years Five and Six

Years 5 and 6For students who are still underachieving, provide individual remedial help using parents, teacher-aides or classroom buddies (peer tutors). Continue to teach essential dictionary skills and encourage dictionary use. Teach study skills and the skill of writing for different purposes. Homonyms occur frequently in English, so teach them. The following sections are from the Buddy Book. Teach them either sequentially or as they arise.

  1. Long vowel sounds: a, e, i, o, u. Students must hear the difference between long and short
  2. oi, ou, long oo, short oo vowel sounds
  3. ar, ir, or, eer, air vowel sounds
  4. Silent letters and complex ‘k’ sound
  5. Many important alternative spellings are on these reference pages, so read them very carefully
  6. -le words, root words, prefixes, suffixes
  7. Schwa (unstressed, neutral) vowel sound