What Is Different About This Programme?


The Reading & Spelling Made Simple programme and materials empower learners to solve their own learning problems by giving them positive, professional help in easy, progressive stages. It gives parents and caregivers the academic background required to teach their own children and learners.

Material Costs

Our programme and materials have been developed intentionally to be cost effective for families, teachers, and tutors.

We have split our books and resources into helpful packages to save you money and to give you what you need now. You can always purchase additional books and resources later as your child progresses and to give you more learning tools.

Once parents learn how to help one child in their family, they can use the same methods and materials with their other children. Similarly, the same resources can be used with multiple learners simultaneously for teachers and tutors, and many of the activities can be used with a single learner or as a small group.

The only extra materials you will need (per learner) will be three more exercise books and a new Word Family Book. Some learners will, of course, need further help, but even so one-on-one and parental involvement will speed up the learning process.

Supporting Other Parents

Once experienced in working with the programme, we encourage parents to also help other parents that are getting started to make learning to use this programme easier.

This is the ‘pebble in the pond’ idea, where a network of caring and knowledgeable parents is generated. These materials and the programme are now used in schools all over New Zealand because of their effectiveness in helping children, and also by parents, tutors and teachers in both New Zealand and Australia.