Understanding Reading, Spelling and Writing for Teachers

Worried about your spelling programme or your underachieving students? The Reading & Spelling Made Simple programmes structured material is the answer.

Principles Underpinning This Spelling Programme

  • Spelling must be linked with speaking, listening, reading and writing.
  • Children learn to spell, as they do everything else, in developmental stages.
  • Children do not all progress at the same rate through all of these stages.
  • Children must be allowed to progress at their own rate. Extension work and/or extra help with spelling should be given as needed.

Supporting Materials

A) 300 Sight Word Cards – shows a word on the front, and sentences containing the word on the back. These are great for Dictation and Word Families.

B) Lettercase – a red, vinyl and plastic case with removable a-z letters and letter groups (ch, sh, th; oa/ow oi/oy etc). Vowels and vowel groups are in red, consonants are in black. Create Word Families (all ball call fall), say/write in syllables (remember re…mem…ber), discover contractions (I’ll = I will).

C) Buddy Book – a pupil’s book giving additional examples from the Reading & Spelling Made Simple programme with letter/sound patterns fully illustrated, word lists and sight words.