Benefits For You And Your Child

There are many benefits that we have seen and experienced with children and their parents, grandparents or caregivers while working with our literacy books and resources, including the following:

1. Greater Harmony

Greater harmony can be achieved between parents and a child because the parents are more involved and hands-on. One of the most enjoyable, relaxing times of the day can be when you switch off the television and read a book with your children. Make it a family time. Go further… leave the television off and play some games with the whole family.

2. Parents Literacy Improves

Parents tell us that their own reading and spelling improves markedly while teaching this programme! Many parents today forgo the joys of reading, saying “I’m too busy to read.” Too busy? Really? Nothing beats curling up with an engrossing book. Revolutionise your life. Be peaceful, quiet. Learn how to help one of your children and you will know how to help your other children.

3. Less Pressure

Parents often mention that there is much less ‘homework pressure’ when they have learnt how to help. Parents can now be confident that they are using the correct teaching techniques. Make sure to read the relevant Reading and Spelling Made Simple books in order to be very familiar with the programme, and to absorb the principles involved in how children learn to read and write.